Looking for Snorkeling Place? On the Komodo Island Pink Beach Tour

If you are a lover of snorkeling, it is obligatory to visit the Komodo Island pink beach tour. Because here also offers underwater views that are no less good than other snorkeling spots.
In addition to snorkeling, here you will also be able to enjoy very fresh beach water for just bathing. The waves are not so big and the clear water will make you enjoy it while you are here.

Komodo Island pink beach tour

Besides those two, there is something else that makes it no less interesting. Namely, the sand beach is pink. Because of that, the name of this beach is also known as the pink beach, or the locals usually call it the pink beach.
Usually, the pink island tour of Komodo is already in one tour package when you take a tour package to Komodo Island. Therefore, do not waste this opportunity to enjoy the underwater scenery.
So, don’t forget the snorkeling gear if you plan to Komodo Island pink beach tour.

Komodo Island pink beach tour, one of the many pink beaches in the world

You need to know, it turns out that although the Komodo Island pink beach tour also exists in several places, in fact, it is one that is recognized in the world. Because the beach with pink sand is very difficult to find in the world and only in certain areas.
Komodo Island pink beach tour which is famous for its pink sand is spread on several beaches in the world, including:

1. Pink Beach on Harbor Island
2. Santa Cruz Island in the Philippines
3. Sardinia in Italy
4. Balos Lagoon in Greece

That way, it’s not interesting. It turns out that one of the pink beaches in the world is in Indonesia, namely the

Komodo Island pink beach tour.

Komodo Island pink beach tour Island began to be threatened by damage
With an attractive natural panorama on the Komodo Island pink beach tour, certainly makes anyone eager to visit here. In addition to the attractive panorama, the state of the beach which is quiet and very calm is also becoming tourists very happy to visit here.

komodo dragon pink beach tour

But unfortunately, because the sand is very interesting and beautiful, it turns out to invite many tourists who visit the pink beach tour of the Komodo Island to take the sand to be used as souvenirs for his family.
Of course, this is very unfortunate, because it will affect to threaten the natural conditions of the Komodo island’s pink beach itself. This is usually known at an inspection at the airport, where airport officials find several bottles filled with sand carried by tourists from the flores island tours pink beach tour.

As a result, now the western side of the sand is not pink as a whole as the eastern side of the Komodo Island pink beach tour.

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